From Fan-girl to Photographer

“What just happened?” That is the question I was left asking myself after getting off a zoom call with my brand mentor. The woman who taught me the fundamentals of brand photography, had just booked me for my three hour package. And what’s more; she had booked and paid for my flights over to Spain, organised my accommodation, having never before paid for a brand shoot for herself. I repeat – WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

Let me start from the beginning. My brand mentor, Gill, I met around 18 months ago, where she hosted a five day mini course on brand photography and marketing. As a new photographer, I was enthralled by her passion for her craft, and I squeezed every last drop from the content she was giving us. When the paid course spaces became available, I snapped one up, no hesitation. Since this, I have become a brand ambassador for Gill’s course and been out on two separate visits to stay with her on “Rich Tog Retreats” in her stunning home in Spain.

On my last visit, Gill asked me if I would do a quick 15 minute content shoot with her, to get her some fresh new images for her marketing. This in itself was a bit of a “pinch-me” moment – the woman who inspired me to do brand photography likes my work enough to ask me to do some shots for her? No pressure then hey, Sam. So, game face applied, and I did a very mini 20 minute shoot with Gill in her home, and went on to edit and deliver them whilst at the airport waiting for my flight home. I transferred the images over to her before I boarded my flight, and that was that. To give you a little insight to the library I delivered, have a peek below:

By the time I had woken up the next morning, I had the most unbelievable feedback from Gill telling me she was simply blown away by the images.

“Sam these are so me”

“I feel so emotional, I can’t stop looking at them”.

“I FICKIN love them”

Within 24 hours, Gill sent me another message. This time asking me when I could get on a Zoom call with her because she simply needed more of my images. One Zoom call later, and she had paid my three hour shoot rate up front, booked my flights, organised my transfers and was ready to get planning her first EVER personal branding shoot of her own.

… Refer back to opening statement of this blog. I was bowled over! I have gone from this woman’s mentee come fangirl, to her personal brand photographer, over night.

This is one of the moments I have had in my journey so far that just screams to me I have found my calling. I am serving my purpose and I am exactly where I am meant to be. The universe throws you signs sometimes, and when we are looking for them and paying enough attention, they become the most obvious thing in the world to follow.

Thank you, if you got this far, for reading and using your valuable time to listen to a little part of my journey. I am so grateful to you.

All my love as ever,

Sam xxx





From Fan-girl to Photographer

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