Location, Location, Location

Are you considering a brand shoot? Maybe you already have one booked and you just need somewhere to host it. If so, you are going to want to read this blog. I am armed and ready to inspire you with 10 different ideas for the location for your next shoot.

Styled Location

So let’s dive into the world of styled homes for brand shoots. One of the BEST ways to show off the personality in your brand, with an aesthetically stunning backdrop. And the best part? You’ve got a bunch of choices to pick from, so you can match the style to your brand. You can find these all over the country catering to a range of budgets.

Come rain or shine, location houses are like a reliable Plan B that won’t let you down. Winter cold or unexpected rain will not be a problem when you are hiring a styled home.

My personal favourite? Styled Home Studios. A range of beautiful venues and some truly lovely hosts to welcome you in and make you feel right at home. And believe it or not, even Airbnb can be a goldmine for finding stylish, affordable spots to work your magic.

Out on the streets

I am definitely more of a country girl myself, however there is something pretty special about capturing a brand with an urban vibe. London is an absolute haven for creative shooting – every nook and cranny has its own unique flair. Whether you’re all about those vibrant houses and charming mews, or you’re craving that gritty urban-industrial vibe, London has something to offer everyone.

Cosy cafe/book shop

There is something so wholesome about a cute little coffee shop or your favourite old school book shop. For a brand that wants to relate to the soul searcher, this is the perfect spot for a brand shoot. I would always advise calling ahead first and ensuring they would be happy for you to carry out a shoot during their open hours (sweeten the deal and offer them use of the images too for their own marketing, works a treat every time). If you love the idea but feel a bit self conscious having photos in front of the general public, you could always enquire about a private function room.


Studios are a brilliant option if you are wanting to work with a blank canvas. A studio offers the opportunity to really fine tune the space and tailor it to your brand and brand message. Any high quality studio will offer professional lighting and varying backdrops to make sure you get the right palette and aesthetic to really bring your images to life. Photography studios are just the start – you could hire anywhere from a Yoga Studio to a cake studio, whatever suits your brand best. A studio is a great way for you to get your creative juices flowing too, considering props and various set ups for the different content you want to give visual aid to.

Co-working space or meeting room

For business owners who want to show a more professional, corporate kind of vibe – whether it is on a laptop or writing notes, a little visit to a co-working space or even hiring a meeting room, are really good ways to depict this. If you havent quite got the budget for a styled location, this is the next best thing. You can even get day passes for access or hire a meeting room by the hour.

Your home

If you have a home that matches your brand aesthetic, it can be the perfect place to get yourself some cool photos. At the end of the day, home is where the heart is. It is where you are comfortable. And bonus – it is where all your worldly goods are! No need to lug props and outfits to an outside venue, you can have it all at your finger tips, in a space that feels familiar. It is also a great way to show off more of that personal side in your brand.

A friend or family member’s home

Maybe your home hasn’t got quite the right feel for a brand shoot. In which case, tap up a mate for their swanky space! We all have that friend who has a home that is simply goals. If it is matching with your brand image, why not utilise their space and grab yourself some images in a space you feel comfortable in, whilst having the added bonus of your bestie there being that number 1 hype woman we all need. You could even get them involved in the photos posed as a client. Just make sure you take a bottle of bubbly over to sweeten the deal.


Hotels are a great way of showcasing the luxury in a brand, without having to fork out a fortune for a styled location. I have found there are so many nooks and spaces you can use to create the illusion of multiple venues. You will also find most hotels are happy for you to utilise the space in the grounds without needing a formal booking as such. As with any public space, always call ahead and offer the images to use for their own marketing purposes.

Event space

When you think about your business, think of where you spend a lot of your time. Are you are a florist spending a lot of time at wedding venues? Could you utilise time setting up for a wedding with an on the job shoot to really show the value in your service? Or a different tact – is there a listed building you know of that matches your brand vibe? Could you get a shoot in there? There are so many spaces you can get creative, it is just about utilising the resources that are quite possibly, right at your fingertips.

The great outdoors

As a business owner with a beachy, boho vibe, I am all for shoots captured in the great outdoors. Be it at by the coast, in a magical nook in the woods, sunflower fields or lavender fields. Do you have a brand that is spiritual, free spirited or grounded? There are so many beautiful ways to utilise our mother earth for your shoot.

So there you have it!

A useful trick to stir up location inspo: step into your clients’ shoes and imagine the words they’d use to describe your brand. If you’re drawing a blank, ask them directly. Do an insta poll, get the public vote of opinion – people love giving their insight and it is great for engagement. With these golden nuggets of insight, you can start assembling a list of potential spots that perfectly mirror the vibe of your brand. Think beyond the obvious, take a stroll outside if you can, and let your imagination roam free. Capture quick snapshots on your phone of these potential places, and mentally place yourself in the frame, getting that sense of being photographed. And hey, once you’ve got these ideas brewing, don’t hesitate to loop in your photographer – their input can be invaluable.

Still looking for a photographer? Well, you know where to come girl!





Location, Location, Location

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