Where can you use your brand images?

Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room

Jeff Bezos

So you are considering having a brand shoot, but not entirely sure where you can utilise your brand photos, other than the obvious Insta posts.

There are SO many ways to get the very most out of your brand photos. A Personal Branding Shoot is designed to ensure your brand is completely consistent across all of your marketing platforms, both on and offline.


The obvious one right? Social media is the first place people think to use their brand images, and it is without fail one of the best ways to show up on line, with the right kind of message.

Things like updating your social media profiles to the same image to give that strong consistent brand message.

Create new banners/cover photos for all of your social media platforms.

Cover photos for your reels and highlight photos to make your feed look cohesive on Insta.

Use them on stories, in reels and on TikTok videos and posts.


Another obvious one, but your brand images are perfect to keep your website looking fresh and up top date. Using them on your home page, service and product page and contact pages. Use them on your blog and on your about page, to really show case the face behind your brand.


This one has endless options. Including leaflets and posters, business cards, stickers, display prints for trade shows. Brand up your merchandise such as clothing, bags, mugs and keyrings. Create loyalty cards, and gift vouchers. Use them on PDF guides, presentations, adverts in local directories or media kits. Use them on proposals, or even books you write (cover photo, author photo, images within the book).

So there you have it, just a few ideas as to how you can really get the most out of your personal brand images! If you have any questions on the info above, or would like to enquire about booking a brand shoot, feel free to pop me a message or book in a free discovery call!

Much Love,

Your Brand Bestie,

Sam xx





Where can you use your brand images?

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