How to get a variety of brand images in your shoot

My entire business mission, is to work with time starved business owners to get them standing out, feeling good and elevating their brand. It is my job to make sure you get a variety of images in your shoot whether that be in a 40 minute mini shoot, or the full monty 3 hour session. I am going to share with you my shoot with the fabulous Lauren Rose Copywriting.

Lauren is my absolute ideal client, and is a powerhouse woman I will continue to work with for as long as she will have me. As a fellow creative, she is absolutely my vibe. We have worked together more than once now, and we just keep levelling up. I am going to go through with you how we worked to create a set of stunning cohesive images to help elevate her brand and illustrate her values.

It is time to get creative: Brand Shoot Style

Part of the process, is all about identifying your ideal client, outlining your mission and your core values. Once we have got those down, it is time to get creative, I am going to talk you through the many factors involved in a full brand shoot. Without a doubt, the planning is one of my FAVOURITE parts. The creative juices get flowing and the magic starts happening.


We all have things in our business we cannot live without. For Lauren as a Copywriter, her art is in form of the written word. We got really creative with this shoot, and I managed to source an old school typewriter to really showcase the authenticity Lauren provides in her work. Obvs she works from a laptop (which we captured too), but by adding the type writer it is just adding a bit more depth to her brand. Other items that are also very reflective of Lauren starred in the shoot too, including tarot cards, a crystal ball, sage, and a book we knew her ideal client would love. Already we have a range of different images before Lauren even hits the lens.

Strike a pose: VOGUE

Pose Pose Pose. Even in the same outfit, a variety of poses can create a stunning range of images. Lauren is all about creating magic in her copywriting.

She is a Word Witch.

A Sales Page Sorceress.

So posing her in ways that really reflect her persona was a key part in creating a range of images for her brand shoot. Here are just some of the images we captured in just one outfit:


A quick wardrobe change – and you instantly have a whole new set of images.

Lauren switched from vampy chic to cute and cosy in the space of about three minutes – giving her a whole new layer to her brand shoot. She even went for the barefoot in the earth vibe, giving her clients a real feel for how staying grounded is so important to her. By adding something as simple as a hat, or changing from barefoot to boots, you have a range of content to share.


Switching between locations is a great way to add a variety of images to your shoot. For Lauren, we worked predominantly in the most beautiful, mystical nook in the woods. The changing light and the differing angles gave the illusion of multiple locations in itself.

We also moved our shoot to the stunning Elvetham Hotel – capturing the Hygge element in Lauren’s brand: Cosy, Comforting & Wholesome.

This was also a great opportunity to create some Christmas stock images for her festive marketing. We even ordered a large glass of red to pose with (and let’s be honest, of course she drank it. We do not want to be promoting waste around here).

This gave an entirely different set of images, and therefore even more content for her to utilise. You always have the opportunity to create content for the different seasons – if you work it right, you could create seasonal content in one clean swoop. Just ask me how.

I hope taking you on the journey of one of my favourite brand shoots has been insightful and inspired you in some way for your own brand shoot.

If you would like to learn more about how we can work together – pop in for a free discovery call and we can catch up over a cuppa and discuss all things YOU.

Much love, your business bestie xxx





How to get a variety of brand images in your shoot

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