Five things you should know before booking a Brand Photographer

There is a lot to consider when you are investing in your business, particularly when it comes to personal branding. When thinking about your branding, it is so much more than just what you see on the tin. A brand is what makes your business unique and authentic. It is what makes it distinguishable from others. Branding is a very emotive factor in your business, so getting your imagery spot on, is so important. Your ideal clients are out there shopping with their eyes, after all.

With that in mind, there are some things you need to consider before entrusting a photographer to capture your brand! Settle in with a cuppa and read my personal top tips.

Do your homework

When it comes to Brand Photography: Do your homework. This is a point I cannot stress enough. I am not just talking about from a financial point of view (because obviously budget is a huge factor for us all). I am talking about the vibe you get from your photographer of choice. The energy they bring to you. Do they make you feel comfortable? Do they really get you and your vision? Whether you come to me for a brand shoot, or you go to another Tog, please make sure you are getting a Zoom call in the diary first at the very least. I personally would not consider working with anyone I had not at least met virtually over a cuppa first. How can I come at you with that best friend energy if I haven’t at least seen the face behind your business before we get down to business!?

Save your pennies

“Buy cheap, buy twice” – A saying my dad has drilled this one into me for a long time. You simply cannot subsidise on certain things in life: Baked beans (has to be Heinz am I right?), and Brand Photography. Shop around by all means, but please promise me you will not pick a tog purely based on price. I promise you, you will end up paying out more in the long run to get a set of images you can actually use. The money you are spending is so much more than just on photographs. It is on the time and effort your photographer will take in getting to know you, understanding your business mission and values. It is the time spent planning and designing the shoot, sending you over inspiration based on research they are doing specifically based on your business. Personally, I feel brand photography should be accessible to everyone who wants to invest in their business, which is why I do offer payment plans to be as flexible and as accommodating as I can be.

Consider your current online presence

Having an online presence already, is a really great way for us as photographers to get a feel for who you are as a business, and how you are wanting to be perceived. It doesn’t have to be picture perfect – obvs, that is what we are here for! But to have a starting point is super helpful for us to really elevate your brand and take your current content to the next level. To give you a bit of context, generally speaking a brand shoot is the final piece of the brand identity puzzle. We want to make sure that the images we get for you, are marrying up with all the other collateral that has been designed so far. This gives you that clean, polished, and most importantly professional brand image.

Know your ideal client

Knowing your ideal client is such a key part of getting down and dirty with your branding. If you know who you are talking to, you know how to target them, resonate with them, inspire them. Taking the time to sit and think about who your ideal client really is, gives you the change to make sure you are speaking directly to them through your socials and content. As the age old saying goes, “if you are speaking to everyone, you are speaking to no one”. Part of my brand shoot process I ask you to fill out a Brand Workbook – homework if you like! Part of this is brainstorming and summarising your ideal client – gender, age range, what they do for a living. This helps us design a shoot to really get the content you need to entice your ideal clients.

Ready, set… Collaborate!

When we start working together, it is 100% a collaborative effort. Yes I am here to take the creative lead, but this is your shoot, your vision. Not only is this a financial investment, it is an investment of your time. Get a date carved out in your diary for when you are planning to have a shoot done – if the time is already locked in, you will be attacking it head on and treating it like any other project. Give yourself plenty of time to research, get inspired, and ultimately get a shoot booked that is going to smash your brand presence!

So there you have it, my top tips when you are considering hiring a brand photographer. Feel free to have a little stalk of my online galleries, or hit me up on insta @SL_brand_photography_

I absolutely LOVE meeting as many of you as I can, so if you want to have a no obligations discovery call, there are links all over the place on my website for you to get that booked in. I am excited to chat to you already!

Your new business bestie,

Sam xxx





Five things you should know before booking a Brand Photographer

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